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Retour d’expériences et témoignages

L’expérience Erasmus de Pauline – élève Ingénieur de 5ème année

Les étudiants gardent tous un souvenir impérissable de leur séjour en Erasmus.

Pauline s’est enrichie humainement. Partir en Erasmus, lui a montré les opportunités possibles hors de France.


Une semaine en Irlande pour les élèves de Bachelor



Les élèves Bachelor ont été cette année à Dublin pour le traditionnel voyage de fin d’études : cours d’anglais, visites, conférences, découverte de la ville…







Bachelor immersion week in Jersey…


Our journey in Jersey was an amazing experience ! Luckily, the sun was shining were we arrived. We jumped into the bus to go to visit a water treatment plant which was very interesting for us because we learnt some very useful vocabulary. Also, this center was the first one to use UV rays to remove bacteria from wastewater. After this visit, we joined our families who gave us some information about the program of the week and we had dinner with them.

Tuesday was our first school day at St Brelade’s college. We were divided into classes according to our levels so that it would be homogenous. All along the week, in the mornings we practiced grammar and tenses and in the afternoons the lessons were about environment. Because it was an intensive week, we had to express ourselves both orally and in writing. It was so immersive that we ended up chatting in English with one another. These classes were a great opportunity for us to improve our English.

On Thursday we had a conference about a company that handles the problems of rubbish management on the whole island.

The greatest experience during these few days was the excursion which occurred on the Friday to a Jersey beach. We had to remove some invasive plants coming from South Africa in order to protect the biodiversity in the area. After that, we came back by bus and drove to an extraordinary landscape near a pretty lighthouse.

On the last evening, we enjoyed the remaining moments with our families. Then we went out to make the most of it in the city, one last time all together. We spent a wonderful week, full of nice memories and newborn friendships.

For the few of us who stayed on Saturday and took the last ferry, we went to the beach where the weather was utterly beautiful and sunny. These moments were more than wonderful and we will keep them in our memory for a very long time.

Bachelor immersion week in Portsmouth, the city of boats…


The students currently in the 3rd year of the Bachelor Degree at EME spent a week in Portsmouth as part of their training program. During their linguistic stay, Erwan, Thomas, Florent, Brice and Alexandre had a guided tour of Portsmouth International Harbor with a talk about the treatment of waste and the way energy is managed at the port. On another occasion, Mr. David Giles, a PL- Environmental Hydrogeochemist and Principal Lecturer at the School of Earth & Environmental Sciences of Portsmouth, presented his department, the different subjects taught with a presentation of their Applied Geoscience courses. On the same day, they visited the numerous maritime museums of Portsmouth Historic Dockyard and went on board old-time war vessels. Eventually they ended the week with a trip on the Isle of Wight with a visit of Ventnor Botanic Garden where a lecture about Climate Change was delivered by both the Director, Mr. John Curtis and the Curator, Mr. Chris Kidd.


News from… Arnaud


Depuis début janvier 2015, Arnaud Tatartchouc, étudiant en B2, a l’occasion de réaliser son 2e semestre en Finlande, en séjour ERASMUS. Il nous fait profiter de son expérience en nous décrivant son début de périple scandinave.

“Etant en 2e année de bachelor coordinateur en environnement, j’avais l’opportunité de pouvoir partir un semestre à l’étranger dans le cadre du programme européen de mobilité ERASMUS. Je suis depuis le 05 janvier à l’université “Satakunta University of Applied Sciences” en Finlande, en compagnie d’une étudiante ingénieur de l’EME, Nadège Oury (I3).

Dès notre arrivée, la température extérieure était de -15 °C. Nous avons pris la direction  de Pori, ville où nous passons notre semestre, se situant à l’Ouest du pays. Une fois arrivés nous avons été accueillis par nos tuteurs finlandais qui nous ont emmené dans nos appartements. Ces derniers sont très grands, confortables et nous cohabitons avec une autre personne étrangère.

L’Université est située sur le campus “energy and construction” où nous étudions plusieurs matières : technologies de nettoyage des sols, technologies de l’énergie solaire, management des risques des entreprises, communication, pompes à chaleurs … Cours, évidemment enseignés, en anglais !

Du point de vue de la vie étudiante, nous ne sommes pas laissés à l’abandon, il existe de nombreux événements pour les étudiants d’échanges de l’université, comme une “sauna party” ou la soirée de bienvenue “welcome to Pori”. Il y a également une très bonne cohésion avec l’ensemble des étudiants étrangers.

Nos prochaines aventures vont nous mener en Laponie au mois de Février. Nous allons faire en sorte de découvrir au mieux ce pays qui cache de nombreux paysages à couper le souffle !”

News from… Flavio


Flavio Roussel, étudiant en I4, est actuellement en séjour ERASMUS en Allemagne. Il en profite pour nous donner quelques nouvelles et partager son expérience… en anglais !


News from… Merwan

2017 - Merwan JOUHRI

« First weeks into my new life in Trondheim (Norway). It’s August and still I understand why this country is said to be the country of the rain. It has been raining every day ever since I arrived (3 weeks already but in fact they use this water to produce energy). This hasn’t prevented me from wandering around the city and the place I currently live at. Once you get passed the awful weather, this country appears to be one of the most beautiful I’ve seen so far in my life, although Trondheim is far from being the nicest place I visited here.

The other two things that hit me : the fact that everyone I spoke to or asked an information, managed to answer me in English and the fact that the country is the opposite of the Netherlands (the flat country), cities are built amongst mountains and hills which can make it hard for you to reach a point when the path is very steep but on the other hand, it gives us the possibility to enjoy spectacular views and landscapes I’ve never seen before except on a computer screen. Nature is a part of the city, it’s everywhere, surrounding us. You can see people running outside, people doing kayak on the canal, people hiking or riding their bike, it’s actually very pleasant. However there is a paradox, on one hand everyone is fluent in English and on the other hand, all the road signs and information in shops are entirely in Norwegian.

Due to their high salary, the cost of living is very high as well. The country has the particularity of having low inequities.

Concerning to education, northern countries are said to be the best in Europe (their results are the best). The system is different from the french one. Indeed you spend less hours in class but you have way more personal work to do (procrastination isn’t an option here). Indeed exercises need to be handed in every week in order to do the final exam. The exams are 4h long generally. Another particularity is that for every hour spend in class you have a 15min break (which is more than welcome especially if you have a 6h class). »