General presentation

A three year undergraduate program

The EME Unilasalle Bachelor is taught in French. It is a three year undergraduate program that provides students with skills to manage environmental management and sustainable development projects. They are able to coordinate management projects thanks to their knowledge in water, ecology, waste, hygiene, safety. Students enhance their know-how and professional skills by working on long term projects and 36 weeks internships through the program.
Fields such as life cycle analysis and regulations, environmental impacts, eco-design, water and waste treatment all provide opportunities for projects and internships where students become familiar with issues, regulations, and documentation.
The first two years build a general knowledge base of professional tools and contexts and environmental knowledge and awareness in various fields: water, air, soil, waste and regulation.
The third year gives students the opportunity to work on environmental management projects and sustainable development, to gain autonomy and forge a professional experience.
Graduates of this program are able to analyze and compare Sustainable Development and Corporate Social Responsibility guidelines of various entities.

Future positions

- Waste and Recycling Coordinator,
- Energy Advisor,
- Agenda 21 Manager,
- Environmental Manager, etc.