Sustainable Development actions for 2017-2018

Climate Chance: September 11th to 13th in Agadir

Climate chance is an international gathering of non-state actors on climate issues. This summit has been created to take stock of what has been done during the year concerning the practices and the actions set up to counter climate change. The goal is to meet all the commitments made during the COP 21.

EME Unilasalle will organize two workshops for this event:

  • A roundtable meeting about “How education can favour ecological transition”, featuring: Jacques Brégeon, chairman of EME Unilasalle, Aude-Valérie Jung, research supervisor of EME Unilasalle, Gaël Virlouvet, founder of TeHop and Eric Challan-Belval, chairman from la Feuille d’Erable.
  • The Cop Trotter association will also be there to organize a workshop that consists of a simulation of negotiation that will be done at the COP 23. The goal is to make people aware of the main issues of such a negotiation. This workshop will be open to students, professionals and general public.

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Sciences Festival in Rennes: October 6th to 22nd

L'EME sera au Festival des Sciences

Some 3rd year Bachelor students will be in Mordelles to raise the general public awareness about environmental issues. They will organise a conference on the lifecycle of an everyday life object. The theme will be: “the thousand and one lives of a phone”.

Some 3rd engineering students will be in the sciences village to talk with the general public about the topics of environment and sustainable development.

Those actions have a dual objective, raising awareness of current societal issues and train the students to popularize scientific concepts.
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A new Cop in EME as a part of the COP 23 that will be held in Bonn from November the 6th to the 17th 2017

Cop 23 Bonn

As with the Climate Chance, EME Unilasalle students will organise a new session of the workshop on the COP negotiations. The attendees will be able to see the situation from the standpoint of a state negotiator in such an occasion. This negotiation game will be open to the students and the public.

This COP in EME will also include:

  • Discussions for college students
  • Conferences and panel roundtable meetings
  • Films projections on environmental issues




The agenda for the beginning of the new schoolyear will surely be busy, all those actions will provide experience to the students who will discover new ways of working.