Student associations

Student associations


The BDE is the main student association at EME Unilasalle.  The BDE organizes the majority of the social gatherings on campus every year. Its mission is to help all EME Unilasalle students have a great time and take a break from the pressures of college life. Whether it’s orientation weekend (WEI), BBQs, the Gala, or costume parties, the BDE is working to keep students entertained!

The BDE guarantees an unforgettable orientation weekend called the WEI. This is an opportunity to get new students acquainted with all the other students at EME Unilasalle in a festive and friendly atmosphere. The WEI always takes place somewhere in the region of Brittany, so new students can discover a part of their new region!

The Gala, is another major event of the year, it’s a party held right after the graduation ceremony. This is an opportunity to dress to impress.

Another role of the BDE is to drive other associations of the school: BDA, BDJ, BDS, K’fet, Ecochallenge, Intersolidaire, Afrik’Action and ADEK. Throughout the year, the BDE organizes games and events to help EME Unilasalle students get to know each other, as well as students of other engineering schools in Rennes. The BDE is part of BREI (Regional Office of Engineering Schools), another opportunity to meet more new students.


Humanit’EME is a humanitarian association. We have developed 3 major goals: education, exploration of African culture, and fundraising for education in Togo. We operate in a partnership with a Togolese association, The Youth Movement for Sustainable Development.

To promote awareness of our cause and African culture, we organize outings to restaurants and have themed meals. Also, African music concerts and a day of conferences on Africa are organized each year.

We frequently meet with students of a primary school in Bruz to share culture of Africa through stories and activities. We hope the students will one day use this knowledge to help our cause.


If you want to explore your artistic side, share your talent, and participate in fun activities, the Bureau des Arts is for you !

The BDA sets up cinema and theatre outings, dance and music lessons, short film contests, decoration of the school for events, and creating displays about international opportunities.

The extraordinary team of the BDA will bend over backwards to find and organize the best outings at the best price for you. So do not hesitate, the BDA has something for everyone!
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The role of the BDS is to facilitate access to sporting activities, organize events, and to get you up and moving! For example, this year you can go for a weeklong ski trip with us!

But what if you are not an athlete and still want to be active? Let’s say you have a certain fondness for water, you can join our FFSU (French Organized Sports Association) licensed swimming club. We have groups in individual sports such as judo, karate, and taekwondo.  We also have team sports such as handball, football, basketball, hockey, volleyball, bowling, rowing, tennis, golf, and rugby (men and women), which are all available for you to join!

There are activities for athletes and non athletes, but at the heart we are all here to have a good time. You will have the opportunity to meet us during the WEI orientation week, the Ker Lann Olympics, and the “green” marathon.


Playground. The BDJ offers lunch breaks with WII tournaments, billiards, egg hunt, etc. But also party games. The mission of the student team is to entertain you!


Eco-Challenge is composed of 4th year and 5th year students and aims to promote the protection of the environment of Brittany, through various activities:

  • A cleanup during WEI: come rain, wind, or snow, newcomers make their first commitment for the protection of the planet as an Eco-Challenger!
  • Environment Month: every Wednesday night during the month of March, we host conferences on various topics to learn and understand environmental issues as well as sharing a drink with other Eco-Challengers.
  • Monitoring Water: throughout the year, our students monitor the Ker Lann ponds. Measurements and diagnostics are made and then analyzed by 5th year students.
  • Festivals: Panorama, 7eme vague, Festival Insolent, and others!
  • Environmental Awareness for kids! : Making children aware of environmental issues
  • Composting: Composting in campus residences; think about the amount of food waste in your garbage!
  • Eco-cups: cups from recycled plastic, these cups are recyclable too.
  • Student Challenge: promoting the values of the association through participation in the 4L Trophy Rally.
  • Carpooling: An open forum website that allows you to organize carpools with other students. This reduces the amount of CO2 on daily commutes !
  • Nature Walks: to (re)discover the biodiversity of Brittany.



K’Fet will help you fight morning fatigue during the morning break with the sale of pain au chocolate, coffee, fruit juices, and fresh fruit. K’Fet is also responsible for organizing theme parties and tastings throughout the year.

EME Alumni


Last but not least… The association “EME Alumni” brings together the large community of pupils of the School: former students as pupils in course of course, to facilitate the exchanges, to help each other in the professional projects, to organize meetings. This is the basic network of the student of EME Unilasalle! The association “EME Alumni” is a member of the Board of Directors of the School.

Students association of Campus de Ker Lann (JO’KERs ex ADEK)


Your time as a college student is a period of change. A student moves from the comforts of childhood to life as an adult. ADEK understands this and is committed to making this transition a smooth and joyous one, to life on our campus.

For this reason we propose, in order of priority, what to eat, to do, to see…

How? By selling baskets of fruits and vegetables from sustainable farming  (locally harvested and seasonal items) at an affordable price, by organizing parties where the entire campus is invited for a barbeque, by providing bike rentals year round to go grocery shopping or simply ride around campus, and by organizing carpools among students of Ker Lann, and through many other projects.