Research sectors at EME Unilasalle

Research sectors

Environmental engineering and sciences

The main domains are:

– Quality of water and effluents: Characterization of organic matters (natural; anthropogenic, particulate pollution, and colloidal), indicators, and degradation factors

– Treatment of effluents and waste: development and optimization of physico-chemical procedures, electrochemical, and biological processes

– Environmental Assessment: development of methodologies to assess environmental performance


Quality of water and effluents

The EME research team works on this topic in association with LERES (EHESP). EME Unilasalle researchers study water quality and effluents to understand phenomena (such as changing water quality in the context of climate change), and to develop, optimize, and control treatment processes. The team strives to define indicators, factors of degradation, and contribute to the development of monitoring methods based on optical methods.

Treatment of effluents and waste

The EME Unilasalle research team specifically works on:
– Bioaugmentation and biostimulation treatment on industrial effluents and synthetics
– Electrochemical treatment of effluents containing metals and nanoparticles
– Treatment of gaseous effluents by absorption

Certain work, including the treatment of gaseous effluents containing VOCs by absorption are conducted in collaboration with the Research Laboratory of ENSCR. In the field of biological treatment, the goal is to develop and optimize treatment procedures.

Environmental Assessment

Projects in this field aim to implement environmental assessment methods such as LCA, and propose methodologies to assess the environmental impact of new treatment methods.