A new Label for the school

On May the 15th, EME has obtained the DD&RS label. The DD&RS (Sustainable Development and Social Responsibility – SD&SR) label is confirming the will of the school to adopt a position in favour of the respect of its environment and its staff that has been set up for many years. This certification is the reward of work over one year of gathering documents which proves the responsible approach that has been organised in the school.

The DD&RS label is destined to higher education establishments. The objective is to recognise the sustainable practices that are done in the concerned school. The label is given after an audit, that is led by fellow Sustainable Development supervisors from other higher education establishments. The label was credited to the school for 2 years, EME joins a small group of schools that have obtained the certification.

Pursuing the efforts to advance

To obtain the label and keep it, the Sustainable Development supervisor must prove that actions in favour of the SD&SR are done on 5 different points:

  • Governance
  • Education
  • Research
  • Environment
  • Social Policy and Territorial anchoring

Mrs. Cikankowitz, Head of Sustainable Development of EME, has compiled all the documents which testify the sustainable approach of the school. But she warns: “good will won’t be enough, we need to keep on with the actions we have already created but also gain skills to set up more sustainable actions”

EME becomes a reference for its students

The success and the durability of the certification will lie in the continuity of the actions and the will of the school to improve. To achieve this, the staff must be mobilised and made aware of sustainability issues. Moreover, the students will also be a strong asset for the school, as Mrs. Cikankowitz says “the tasks that our students do in firms and administrations are in direct link with this process. It is a perfect example of what our students can set up in their future jobs”.

This DD&RS label is a reward for all the work that has been done by Mrs. Cikankowitz and all the EME staff. It is a promise that needs to be kept.