Study abroad

Study abroad

Study abroad, a valuable experience

Students who study abroad often see their experience as one of the most enriching times in their lives.  It is a period of personal growth, and students come back with a stronger skill set, and broader understanding of environmental issues. The EME UniLaSalle International Office has found an interesting variety of partner programs, and guides students in their choice of destination and studies. Students have a wide choice of schools and may do specialized or general environmental studies.

To help diminish the stress of an essential element of the EME Unilasalle program, the EME Unilasalle international department accompanies students throughout their semesters abroad so students can take advantage of their time there.  The most frequent comment I hear from students after they come back is “It was great. I wish I could have stayed longer”


Thomas Hull

Head of International Relations

Important information

Foreign experience requirement

EME Unilasalle students must spend at least 12 consecutive weeks abroad during their Engineering studies to fulfill one of the EME Unilasalle graduation requirements.  An experience abroad will enhance and broaden their knowledge of other countries, people, languages, and students will learn how to look at problems from a different angle.

Exchange students receive full recognition for credits received at the partner university.  A diploma supplement provided at graduation will indicate the details about the foreign experience.


Foreign Studies

EME Unilasalle offers study abroad possibilities in over 70 different exchange partner universities in 19 countries throughout Europe.  EME Unilasalle Engineering students can spend one or two semesters studying abroad, and can also do their internships abroad.  The credits earned abroad are fully recognized by EME Unilasalle through the ects system.  Most students go abroad as graduate students (fourth year of Engineering) but it is possible to go abroad in the 3rd or 5th years.

Students who apply to study abroad must fulfill academic and language requirements of EME Unilasalle and the partner school.  Applicants must be in good academic standing, and have an excellent attendance record.  Priority of choice is determined bu student rank of the most recent semester at EME Unilasalle. Applicants choose courses and fill out a Learning Agreement which defines the 30 ECTS credits per semester of their program.


Foreign Internships

Students can also do their internships abroad.  Internship periods of three to six months provide the opportunity to be immersed in a foreign language and way of life, and experience a different professional culture. Students who do their internships abroad often qualify for grants.


Erasmus grants and money matters

Most students receive Erasmus grants, some receive grants from the Région Bretagne. Students who study abroad are still enrolled at EME Unilasalle so they pay fees to EME Unilasalle, but do not have to pay any course fees at the host university.

At their host school, students are responsible for expenses other than tuition.


  • For the fall semester, our nomination deadline is May 1 and application deadline June 1st.
  • For the spring semester, our nomination deadline is September 15 and our application deadline October 15.

More informations here.


The International Office at EME Unilasalle will give advice and technical assistance, and guide EME Unilasalle students in their choice of foreign studies or internships, and in their search for accommodation, and other matters.