EME is a new member of the executive board of the Comité 21

What is the Comité 21?

The Comité 21 is a network of actors which has the mission to ensure the execution of the Sustainable Development Objectives (SDO) that are decided during the international summits for the environment. The committee works on facilitating the collaboration between state actors and non-state actors such as firms, association or higher education schools like EME Unilasalle.

For now, its main objective is the respect of the Agenda 21, the action plan of the United Nations that was signed during the Earth Summit of Rio in 1992. The committee is focused on the respect of the SDO on the local perspective.


EME has been admitted onto the executive board of the committee

The current members of the committee came to this decision during the last general meeting that was held on June the 26th 2017. Like the SD&RS label that was obtained, this decision conforms with the will of the school to be not only a higher education establishment, but also a true actor of the sustainable development on the local side. The school will now be able to participate in the decisions that are taken by the committee.

Moreover, the training of the new generation is a priority in the set-up of a true environmental policy, which is in the scope of EME Unilasalle, a pioneer in the field of environmental education in France.