EME on vacations !

EME's staff will enjoy deserved vacations for three weeks.

You can still contact the staff by e-mail for urgent matters.

Climate Chance 2017

This summit takes place in Agadir and gathers the non-state organisations which are acting for the environment.

EME will be there to lead a roundtable meeting and a workshop on the COP negociations.

Salon des Grandes Ecoles in Rennes

EME will be on the "salon des grandes écoles" de Rennes. This exhibition gathers all the higher education schools so that the students can meet the schools where they want to study.

Third Britanny Eco-Activities meetings

EME is hosting the third Britanny Eco-Activities meetings. This meeting gathers all the actors of the environnement sector to share and exchange informations, projects and experiences.

The school of Environmental Management and Engineering (EME) is one of France’s Grandes Ecoles, is recognized by the French government. Engineering degree is accredited by the Commission des Titres d’Ingénieurs. Founded in 1992 as a private nonprofit higher education institution, EME is dedicated to providing top quality education to environmental engineering and environmental science and management, and promoting sustainable development, eco-innovation, and industrial ecology.